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Digital Dentistry

Cone Beam Technology

Dr. Park Family Dentistry provides digital dentistry services in Kingston, Ontario.

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What is Digital Dentistry?

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Digital dentistry involves using new technology to enhance treatment protocols. These innovations include multiple intraoral scanners, digital X-rays, CBCT scanners, and 3D printing.

Benefits of Digital Dentistry

Digital dentistry benefits patients in the following ways:

  • More Comfortable - Eliminating the need for uncomfortable dental impressions/molds.
  • More Savings - Providing custom-made oral appliances without sending them to the lab, reducing total cost.
  • More Accurate - Creating detailed digital images of a patient's oral and nearby tissues without invasive impressions
  • More Comprehensive - Sharing diagnostic images with the dentist to plan treatment.
  • More Lasting - No need for repeat impressions if similar or same dental appliances need to be re-made.

Procedures Offered

Dr. Park Family Dentistry uses many advanced digital technologies for patient care:

iTero Invisalign Scanners
New state-of-the art 5D plus Itero scanners provide quick and easy intraoral scans for your Invisalign needs, with immediate simulation of your new beautiful smile, allowing you to decide on your treatment plan quicker (up to 3 weeks or longer with traditional mouth molds vs. 2 minutes with the Itero scanner).
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CEREC and Medit Intraoral Scanners
The CEREC scanner comprises a small, handheld camera that creates a 3D image of a patient's oral tissues, including teeth and gums. The dentist uses the scans to build a crown, inlay, onlay, implant crown, or bridge made in the office on the same day.

Like the CEREC scanner, the Medit scanner creates a detailed digital map of a patient's mouth, including hard and soft tissues, allowing denture fabrication quicker and easier.
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Digital X-Rays
Digital X-rays are safer and more precise than traditional film X-rays. They use a fraction of conventional X-rays' radiation, producing more accurate, detailed images at a much higher resolution.

This technology enables dentists to see problems at earlier stages, creating more effective treatment plans. The digital X-ray is also easier to share with the patient when making treatment decisions.
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CBCT 3D Imaging
CBCT or cone-beam computed tomography scanners allow cutting-edge CT technology into the dental office. The scanners create a complete image of the patient's head and oral cavity, allowing dentists to precisely see soft and hard tissues. This technology helps plan dental implants, diagnose cracked teeth, and provide many other solutions.
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3D Printing
3D printing enables Dr. Park Family Dentistry to provide custom night guards to its patients. Night guards are helpful for people who clench or grind their teeth, causing potential dental problems. We also offer 3D printed sleep apnea devices as well as dentures.
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Our friendly, comfortable office accommodates patients from all backgrounds. Fluent in both English and Korean, we take patient communication seriously. We use top-quality dental technology to enhance your treatment process. Finally, we have many years of experience treating dental problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an intraoral scanner uncomfortable?
Intraoral scanners are small, handheld devices that move easily around a patient's mouth. The scanning process is comfortable and quicker than traditional mouth molds.
How does a CBCT scanner help plan implants?
The scanner can see nerve placement, jaw structure, and proximity to the sinus. The scanners help dentists plan implant surgeries with maximum safety.
How do digital X-rays help with patient communication?
When patients see their X-ray images in such detail, the dentist can more easily explain ongoing issues and treatment plans.

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