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Emergency Dentist in Kingston, ON

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Dr. Park Family Dentistry provides emergency dentistry in Kingston, Ontario. Call 613-544-2432 for urgent dental treatment.

What is Emergency Dentistry?

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Dental problems can't always wait until a scheduled appointment time. Dental trauma and infection can cause severe pain and interfere with a patient's quality of life. In this situation, you will need an emergency dentist.

Procedures Offered

Here are some of the emergency procedures we can complete in the office:
Root Canal Therapy
Abscessed or decayed tooth? Teeth will become infected due to deep cavities or fractures. Root canal treatment is provided to treat the infected nerve structure of those painful teeth. The procedure allows the patient to keep the tooth as opposed to extraction.
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Abscessed or fractured teeth? Sometimes the dentist cannot save a tooth with a root canal or crown. In this case, the tooth must come out. Our dentists make tooth extraction a simple procedure, relieving your pain and preparing your tooth for replacement with a bridge or implant.
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One-Day Crowns
Broken teeth or crowns? Our practice uses the CEREC system to create same-day dental crowns. Rather than taking two appointments to complete and place a new crown, you can have a CEREC crown made in one appointment. CEREC crowns are equal in quality or better than those from a dental lab.

CEREC crowns fit better and last just as long as lab-made crowns. To make a CEREC crown, the dentist first uses a digital intraoral scanner to map the soft and hard tissues inside the mouth. The dentist designs and plans the crown. They then transmit the data to the CEREC machine that makes the restoration.
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Why Choose Dr. Park Family Dentistry?

Our modern, friendly office provides highly advanced treatment in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We provide treatment for all members of the family. Whether you need a simple cleaning or an emergency procedure, we can meet your needs and address all your concerns.

Our office staff takes communication seriously. We speak both English and Korean and strive to make our patients feel comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do damaged teeth have to be extracted?

Teeth may require extraction in these emergencies:

  • Excessive dental decay that is causing pain
  • Broken teeth with severe damage in the structure, roots, and nerves
What does tooth extraction involve?
Tooth extraction is simple as long as the tooth is not impacted. The dentist numbs the gum with local anesthesia and pulls the tooth out with special pliers. The dentist then cleans and stitches the gums.
How long will it take my gums to heal after an extraction?
t should take seven to 14 days for your gum to heal and the stitches to dissolve. You may experience some tenderness, swelling, and soreness. You can take over-the-counter pain medication if necessary.
Can broken teeth be saved?
Yes, in many cases, a root canal and crown can save your natural tooth. Our dentists will assess whether they can save your tooth before extraction. The dentist will explain your options if the tooth needs to come out.

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If you have suffered dental trauma or are experiencing a dental emergency, call Dr. Park Family Dentistry at 613-544-2432 for urgent dental care. We will help you with your problem as soon as possible.

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