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Robin S. Park DDS

Dr. Park, who prefers to be called Robin, is originally from Saskatoon, SK. Upon graduating from high school in Regina, SK, he attended Queen’s University to pursue his interest in Psychology. However, his short career as a behavioural counsellor made him consider other career paths. After receiving an offer to study psychology in California, Robin’s brother, who is also a dentist from the University of Saskatchewan, suggested that Robin consider becoming a dentist in Saskatoon. After four exciting years of excellent dental training, Robin is very grateful to his brother for that life-changing advice.
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Focusing on the art and science of modern dentistry, Robin is excited to establish his dental practice in the beautiful community of Kingston. In addition to a state-of-the-art dental facility and professional dental team, Robin’s new family dental practice offers a dynamic workflow infused with compassionate care for the entire family. Robin’s experience as a behavioral counsellor has proved invaluable to both him and his patients in his practice.

Robin is fluent in Korean, so he hopes to help the Korean community in Kingston and the surrounding area. Robin was also a Kendo (Korean swordsmanship) master and looked forward to training at the Queen’s Club, where he first became a master. Robin is married to a physiotherapist, Jaimie, who also offers treatments for TMJ and neck physiotherapy at the new practice. Robin and his wife welcomed their son in 2012 and their daughter in 2016.

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